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Make your Discord server the best of all with John-Bot! Enjoy various features such as a ticketing system, a leveling system, a no-miss logging system and fully customizable join/leave messages.


The ticketing system offered by John-Bot includes original features that are mostly unique and free. This ticketing system, more than customizable, offers a wide choice of configuration options. Create you own modal to avoid waste of time, create a support embed with your server's colors, personalize the ticket opening message, the button of the panel, the support team roles, the ticket name, the interaction permissions and more!

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Join & Leave

Welcoming a new member on a Discord server is essential, that's why you need to have a performant bot to give them a heartwarming welcome. The John-Bot join and leave message system is perfect for this task! Set up your own welcome message by customizing it with the colors of your server and even, why not adding an image ! Use the variables to create unique message for each new member, and more awaits you!

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As a moderator of a Discord server, you have the responsibilities to maintain order on your Discord server. To help you in this task, John-Bot gives you a set of moderation tools. This set include, moderation commands, a logging system of moderation action made by or with John-Bot, a warning system, a report system and an auto-mod system with configurable action that are automatically triggered after a certain amount of warning accumulated by a member.

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When you are managing a Discord server, it is important to reward your most active members, or even encourage others to become ones. This is why John-Bot offers a completely customizable leveling system. Set up the leveling system according to your needs, create reward roles, configure the reward message and level crossing, and much more!

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Giveaways are a great way to reward your members and encourage them to stay or become active on your Discord server. John-Bot offers a complete and fully customizable giveaways system. Set up each giveaway according to your needs, configure the giveaway's options, participation button, the giveaway's embed and much more!

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As a Discord server administrator, it's important to stay informed about what's happening on your server, isn't it? Don't worry, John-Bot's logging system is there for you! It offers more than 20 events, all as useful as each other. You can enable or disable each event according to your needs, set up dedicated channel to each event group, add channel ignored by the system, and much more!

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