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Ticketing System
Leveling System
Giveaways System
bot-infoShows some information about John-Bot.
user avatarShows a user's avatar.
user bannerShows a user's banner.
user infoShows some information about a user.
server iconShows the server's icon.
server bannerShows the server banner.
server infoShows some information about the server.
server membersShows some information about members of the server.
role infoShows some information about a role.
role colorShows the color of a role.
channel-infoShows some information about a channel.
pingShows John-Bot's latency time.
statusShows status of John-Bot's clusters.
uptimeShows how long John-Bot has been operational.
colorShows some information about a color.
banBans a user from the server.
clearDeletes an amount of messages in a channel.
kickKicks a member from the server.
lockLocks a channel of the server.
muteMute a member during a specific time.
nicknameChange the nickname of a server member.
slowmode disableDisable the slowmode of a channel.
slowmode setSets the slowmode of a channel.
unbanRevokes the ban of a user.
unlockUnlocks a channel of the server.
unmuteUnmute a member.
warnWarns a member of the server.
warnings clearRemoves warnings from a member or all members of the server.
warnings listShows a list of a member's warnings.
warnings removeRemoves a member's warning.
ticket addAdds a member to the ticket.
ticket claimAssigns a member of the support team to handle the ticket.
ticket closeClose the ticket.
ticket close-requestRequests ticket closure.
ticket createCreate a ticket.
ticket deleteDeletes a closed ticket.
ticket openOpens a closed ticket.
ticket removeRemove a member from the ticket.
ticket renameRename the ticket.
ticket transferTransfer ticket assignment to another member of the support team.
ticket unclaimRemoves the ticket assignment from the handler.
leaderboardShows the level leaderboard of all members.
rankShows your or a member's rank.
levelShows your or a member's rank.
xp addAdds XP to a member.
xp removeRemove XP from a member.
xp importImports level's data from others bots.
xp resetReset the level data of a member or all members of the server.
xp userShows a member's total XP and his level.
rewardsShows the list of rewards that can be unlocked with the leveling system.
giveaway createStart a giveaway.
giveaway deleteDeletes a giveaway.
giveaway endEnds a giveaway.
giveaway listShows the giveaways list of the server.
giveaway rerollChoose new winners for a giveaway.
emoji addAdds an emoji to the server.
emoji deleteDeletes an emoji from the server.
emoji imageShows an emoji as an image.
emoji mixCombine two emojis to make only one.
helpShows John-Bot's help page.
inviteShows John-Bot's invitation.
pollCreate a poll.
premiumShows the premium status of the server and allows enabling it.
reminder addSets a reminder.
reminder listShows a list of all your reminders.
reminder removeDeletes a reminder.
sticker-addAdds a sticker to the server.
dashboardDisplays the link to the server dashboard.